As our customer at Gela Plast it is you that puts demands on the quality - we meet the demands! Right quality to our customer´s desires is a matter of course for us.

We are continually working to evolve technology and we see problem solving as natural part of our quality work. We at Gela Plast are committed to you as our customer to feel secure.

The foundation of our quality is based on the requirements of ISO 9000 and environmental ISO 14 000.

Plastic is soft like cotton
or hard as steel


Långgatan 6
334 33 Anderstorp

Box 138
334 23 Anderstorp

Tel. 0371-52 32 70
Fax. 0371-169 32
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We are located in one of the injection molding "heart" Anderstorp, try us you too! Eon